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  1. i ahvent started growing yet my seeds are still in the fermination phase but i jus wanted 2 get a heads up and kno what flowering is and do i have to do anything during this phase?:smoke:
  2. flowering is were the plant is matured and starts to produce the bud aka the smokeable stuff. you still have to take care of you're plant, there are some nutes you can use during the flowering stage to increase the size of the bud and what not.
  3. wat kind of nutrients could i use and wats a good soil mixture too
  4. there are a shit ton out there but I only know of two that i have read up on they are called "bud candy" and "big bud." I'm still a noob on the soil and stuff but i hope this helps you more than not. My two plants i just used miracle grow potting mix haha and it seems to be working for me. If you want to see my two plants i can give you the link just let me know. What are you growing?
  5. I'm goin to order some more dank seeds but I stole these from my dad and he usually smokes kush so let's hope it's that but ok I'll try the mg potting soil lol and I'll use those nutes
  6. haha that's still better than what I'm growing, I thought I would start simple and do some bag weed seeds. If i get good i have two cronic seeds that I'll try my luck at. I have grown a total of 5 plants in the past 2 years haha on and off just when ever i feel like trying again I just barley switched tonight to a HPS 400w light and that is one hard glow to hide from the neighbors haha but i found a solution to that. what lights have you decided to go with?
  7. I'm growin outside

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