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  1. Can someone tell me how you know when to change the lite cycle for flowering. My plants are looking great for a first timer and I dont want to push flowering to early. Are most strains similar in time and look of plant? pics of a plant just before 12/12 cycle would be great. Indica/sativa Big Bud is strain:wave:
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    Kinda depends on room and container size.I don't take cutting or flower till plants show presex.I believe plants yield better if given enough time to reach sexual maturity
  3. Ya but what are the sign the plants give so I know when to change cycle
  4. It's different for every grower, you want to plan for your available height and you can plan on the plant at least doubling in height once you turn it to flowering. Most people flower indoors when the plant is 1ft-1.5ft depending on your available space.
  5. I have unlimited space and their a little over a foot. 5 weeks old, very healthy. I think I should let them grow. Can you wait too long???
  6. Well at the branch nodes you'll see a mini calyx with two hairs comin out.some strains its easy to see some are almost invisable without magnifing.but this is generall what I wait to see before I flower even if I already know its female(feminized).This is like a plant hitting puberty
  7. Marijuana plants can be in the vegetative state pretty much indefinitely. Many people actually do this by using their plants as mother plants and cloning etc. But no, just feed the plant the right nutes and make sure to transplant into larger gallon buckets (do this as little as possible because transplanting will shock the plant & stunt growth) as the plant grows (figure a gallon for every foot of plant).
  8. Did you start from seed or clone? When I start from seed and flower too early its always kinda disappointing cause it took longer and wished I had let it veg longer but clones are no biggy. Maybe wait till there about a foot and a half so you can get a decent yield. good luck! :smoking::wave:

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