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  1. Is it possible for my ladyto go into flowering without me putting her into that stage cuz I think she is I would post pics but comp isdown
  2. It is possible with a ruderalis (auto-flowering) strain. What strain are you growing? What is your current light cycle?

    Pics would certainly help. A lot of new growers mistake things as signs of flowering when they are actually just signs of normal growth.

    Good luck.

  3. It's blue velvet or lavender one of the two
  4. Is there any way I can post pics with an I
  5. No auto-flower in either of those strains.

    What's your light cycle?

  6. I have my light on 24/7
  7. Are you 100% sure about the strain?

    Hmm... Going to need some pics. I have no idea what you are seeing so it is difficult to diagnose. Can you find some pics on the Internet that look like you plants?
  8. You are prolly just seeing pistils and you think it is flowering, but she is a female healthy as hell. You might have given it a phosphorous dosage on accident and she thinks it is flower time, but confused. I'd say your buds are gonna come out AWESOME if you start flowering now. I'd need pics but she must be ready to flower.

  9. If someone could give me there email I can send pics To email from my iPhone cuz my comp isdown I would really apprecaite it
  10. If not I can try to find pics on th net
  11. And yes I'm sure about the strain it's either blue velvet or lavender
  12. Amazing I started flowering last night and this morning I can already see a diffrence it's awsome

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