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  1. what exactly is the flowering stage...?:smoke:
  2. when you switch the lights from being on for 24 hrs a day (sometimes less) to being on for only 12 hours a day...this induces flowering, or budding. its what makes the buds grow on the plant.
  3. oh shit fool. ii got a ni:smoke:ce 4 footer and its looking good...its outdoors so then it doesnt matter right?
  4. It'll flower on it's own outdoors when the days get short enough. If it hasn't begun flowering already, it will soon. Start counting days from when you first see a preflower (2 white hairs coming from a single calyx, or if you're unlucky, BALLS)

  5. About how many days after you see that?
  6. yea my shit's already budding throughout no seed pods or anything..i assume this is around the time the buds get good and hearty..ha.
  7. take pics bro!!!

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