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  1. i know that to keep my plants flowering they need 12 hrs of uninterupted darkness. my question is if i were to leave for 14 hrs w.o turning off the lights is that ok? and the same question with 14 hrs of darkness. (i cant get my damn timers to work) gona get some new ones but till then....
  2. It is possible to flower under 14/10, depends on the strain. 10/14 will flower the plant, but she'll be losing 2 hours of light which could hurt production. 12/12 is ideal. Whatever you do, do it consistently, because too many changes in light cycle can stress the plant. If you have to start out with 14/10, when you finally get a timer it's a good idea ease her into 12/12 over a few days. Not necessary, but I like to baby my plants when I can.
  3. thanks alot! much appreciated :)

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