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  1. Flowering is induced when the level of a particular hormone reaches a critical point. This hormone is produced during the dark period (night) and destroyed by light during the day. This is taken from http://www.skunked.co.uk/articles/growing-marijuana-05.htm. So what would happen if you left it darker longer like 18/6, 18 being dark.
  2. good question. Bump :hello:
  3. Well hormone or no, the plant will still need light to grow larger, which includes the buds. So you may have a larger buildup of the hormone, but the plant won't be able to grow as much per day, because of the reduced lighting.

    Just my two cents.
  4. but what if you did something more like 24 of night then 12 of light... wouldnt that be better in some cases maybe esspecially if you had a quality source of light
  5. Some camps say leave the lights on 24 hours during veg stages. Some do an 18/4 where they are dark 4 hours a day. I heard this was supposed to help the roots grow. Either way I go 24 the whole way, nature is my bitch :)
  6. naw dude we're talking about flowering llama boy!!

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