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  1. I have some WW now how long do i let them grow before I put them into flowering? when I got the seeds they told me it was like 9-10 weeks to grow n harvest, doesnt sound long enought to me though, right? also wot will something like that yield if I do all that in just under 3 months?
  2. That would be long enough if it were an SOG grow. Im guessing whoever told you that assumed you were okay with vegging for 2 weeks and budding for 7-8 weeks. Flowering is always about 6-8 weeks. But vegging is pretty much up to you. If you veg for 2 weeks your plants wont be huge, but if you have a bunch of small plants and veg them 2 weeks you can compensate.

    I look at it like this. Veg time is quantity time, and Flowering time is Quality time. Veg the plants to how big u want them...at least 2 weeks. Then when its time to flower, have as much light as u can on the fewest number of plants for the best quality buds.

    NOTE: Plant size can increase 2-3 times when flowering.

    And as far as a yield in 3 months. You can get well over a QP - 1/2 pound if you were to go the whole 9. Co2 tank, good ventilation, HPS lights, 100 watts per plant, etc...
  3. Ok I have 2 400 watt hps lights interchangable to MH whihc I would use to veggie. I haev a grow space of 10feet long by 7.9 feet wide and 6.5 feet high (that is actual grow area). and I am not to familar with SOG I knwo its sea of green but is there some special set up you have to do for that ?? i would rather do a bunch of little plants anyways sounds simpler (maybe not I could be wrong) ok so I grow my plants for say 3.5 weeks from seedlings then started to flower after that for an additional 6 weeks or so is that correct?? I'm new at growing indoors and forced flowering and stuff. srry bout all the questions :)
  4. 3.5 week seedlings and 6-8 week flowering sounds good to me!

    And yea you are right about SoG being Sea of Green. The special room set up your talking about though is having 2 separate rooms. 1 room for vegging/cloning (super easy), and the other room for flower.

    Basically all you do is replace the plants your taking away from veg with clones, so that you always have a steady crop.

    Example. move 6 plants from vegging area to the flowering area. Now you have 6 empty slots in your vegging area. Put 6 clones in your vegging area. When your plants that were moved to flower finally bud, the clones you transplanted in veg will be ready to go to the flower room. Then you take 6 more clones, and repeat.

    SoG is pretty much exactly what you want to do :smoke:

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