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  1. okay this is the part that confuses me the most.. uhmm i took these pics and it looks as if its starting to bloom.. =D

    this is after i added the tiger bloom & big bloom..






    uhmm i also noticed that my clone thats about 3 -4 weeks old just started to bloom out more and flower as well.. my camera died before i was able to take a pic but i will post on that note later.. but it was weird
  2. Are you asking if the ferts caused it? Because I'm pretty sure they didn't. They might have just given it a nice pop, that's what they're supposed to do.
  3. well i can tell you you one thing.. it wasnt like this yesterday...

    also i noticed the soil, dirt is getting dry everyday now.... should i start to water it every other 3 -4 days now?...

    the nodes are the pieces where the pistils come out of right?
  4. Those are pre-flowers, allright, you should be in full flower in a few days. Congrats, nice plant, she'll be ready to harvest in 6-10 weeks, IMHO, depending on strain. Keep an eye on your nutes, make sure you mix to a 15-15-15 NPK ratio for transition, slowly going to a 10-20-20 NPK when flowering is fully begun. Have fun, skunky's coming to play!:D
  5. hey medicine al thankz for your words..

    uhmm i just put the first nutes in the plant yesterday..

    she is a 'trainwreck' starin..

    i'm using FOXFARM Liquid Nutes

    Big Bloom + Tiger Bloom!

    i have not once check the PH level on the plant because i have not testing kit but i willbe on my way to the store in a few to pick up a soil & water tester.. for the new indoor ones i will soon have!
  6. mofos- looking good.:D
    al, ty 4 transitionn tip. did not know that.+rep:wave:
  7. okay the only thing that is worrying me right now is that the soil im using has seem to have dropped down 3 inches.. now what worries me is that the roots have grown and maybe need more space.. i dont really want to transplant it.. its in a 5 gallon pot!
  8. If you've got space on top, just fill in with new soil to the level you want. The roots dont care, as long as they have soil to grow into. 5 gallon pot should be OK, next year try a 10-15, the bigger the pot, the bigger the yield!

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