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  1. okay this is a problem to me..

    i have an 8 inch beautiful girl w/ 5 23w=100w CFL's...

    it's grew very big and leafy since i got it last week.. major difference

    now my question is..

    since it's only 8 inches and it's all w/ veg bulbs 6500K... should i let it grow until it hits 1ft 1/2 and then start the 16/8 lighting??

    when that happens ..

    you start the flowering process?..

    do you have to do it w/ the reg veg lights or the 2700K?...

    can someone help please... thankz!
  2. you can veg a plant as long as you want to, just remember that it will double or triple in size once in flowering. i would say a 1 1/2ft plant is a good size to start flowering (12/12, not 16/8), & youll want mostly 2700k bulbs w/ 1 or 2 6500k bulbs. ex: 4 2700k, & 1 6500k
  3. so your telling me once it's 1 1/2 foot.. i should change the light bulbs to 2700K and start the 12/12?...

    just use 1 6500K in the process?
  4. Its a personal preference, you can wait until it is a foot if you want to start early or wait longer like 1.5 or 2 feet it will give it more yield. Then you will start a 12 hour on 12 hour off schedule. Now you can move it to a 18/6 schedule 18 hours on 6 hours off and this will make it grow taller quicker. However I wouldn't start flowering it until you see the female or male part.
  5. he means preflowers, & hes right too, flowering your plant is your preference, the bigger the more bud, & yes use both 2700k & 6500k for flowering, just use @ a 4 to 1 ratio, ex: 4 2700k bulbs to 1 6500k bulbs, or 8 2700k to 2 6500k.
  6. I wouldn't let it get past a foot before you switch to 12/12 unless you have some lst or scrog action going on. Fluorescents get really crappy the further the distance they need to travel.
  7. thank you i really appreciate it..

    okay the plan will be...

    im going to wait till it's 1 1/2 - 2 FT..

    then change all the CFL's to 2700K and Start The 12/12..

    so as soon it hits 1 1/2 i might just turn everything off for 8hr and change the bulbs to 2700K..?. that the idea?

    it's a Grand Daddy Purple clone.. its about 8 inches right now..
  8. sounds like u know what u wanna do, so good luck with the rest of ur grow.

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