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  1. I'm a fairly new grower so I don't have a lot of grows under my belt yet, 3 now actually sooo... During flowering does it seem to have like a spot where you don't really notice growth for a bit? The ladies were doing well and they kinda have seem to hit a wall where they're aren't bulking up or producing new pods or white hairs. Is this a normal part of the grow?
  2. Take pics of them every week of flowering to compare that weeks growth.
    You may be surprised that they are indeed getting bigger.
    Sometimes it seem imperceptible if you're not keeping a visual record.
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  3. Rate of growth is gonna be determined by light intensity. In other words, the better flower lighting you have, the more growth you get. Temperature is also very important. Keeping it down to a nice level makes them very happy too. The pH of your water will stall their growth. Watering out of range for a period of time can block the roots with salt deposits and the plants can't take in nutrition and this can stall their growth. Lots of things. Can you post some pics (not under LED or HPS lights....just natural light). Most of the time, you can look at a plant and have some basic info about the setup and kinda figure out what the problem is. But our plants, from the time they get put into the flower room, go nuts. They don't stop going nuts until about the last 2 or 3 weeks of the cycle which is spent on finishing out the buds. Those last few weeks of the flower cycle is when they resin up really well and I guess if there was a period during flower where you didn't see obvious plant growth, that would be the time. But if you have adequate lighting for each plant you are flowering, they'll work hard every day to try and get to it. Stronger, better quality lighting gets you a larger plant and more weight at harvest. Tending the plant and learning to keep it happy so it will work hard to produce is a lot of it. Getting the environment to where it should be is another big part of it. There's a pretty big learning curve to all this and I bet it took me a good year before I got comfortable with all aspects of what I was trying to do. But with every plant you run, the better grower you become. Sometimes the best teacher is hands on experience. But you greatly up your chances if you do some basic research about the plant and all the basics of tending it to keep it healthy and thriving. Best of luck. TWW
  4. great idea
  5. Thanks for that, currently I'm using cfls because I'm very limited on space. Working on getting a grow tent with better lighting.
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  6. Here's a couple pics

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  7. Sorry, but you are going nowhere with the plants in those Solo cups! Maybe enough weed to pack a one hitter.
    Why raise plants in the Solos?

    PS: Your doggie is looking very high LMAO
  8. I have very limited space to work with right now until I can get a tent or move.
  9. I do understand..was just hoping you used bagseed and not a $10 Feminized one..Happy growing:)
  10. They are, except my clone.
    Found a few beans in a batch that hermied from the local delivery service. Romulan grapefruit Are in the solo cups.

    My clone is the white and is in a 1 gallon fabric pot
  11. Here's my clone side by side one that's flowering

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  12. The white clone and a romulan grapefruit just for size comparison

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  13. How long have they been in flower?
  14. I'd say since July 2nd maybe
  15. So 4 weeks. I know this is just kind of a practice run for you - Buzzer777 was right about the solo cups and I know you realize you need more light. Only way to get big buds is with more light. Nice job on keeping them healthy. Plants at 4 weeks of flower with adequate light will produce a lot of bud.
    Flower 4 weeks.JPG

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