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  1. How tall should the plant be before i start flowering and what is the miniumn??>>.........

  2. :)

    i assume you mean for FUTURE reference now eh? lol...

    Its reccomended to flower at around 1 - 1 1/2 feet tall or you might end up with way to large of a plant(s) 5 feet or more that is. so force early...

    take care.
  3. you can flower at around 7" SOG, however the "norm" minimum is 12"
    good luck

  4. Is that to mean these is no value in gorwing them taller then say 2 feet?
    Won't I get more yeild from a 4 -5- 6 foot plant? Or does Growing more then 2 foot take away from flowering?
  5. The Bigger the Plant the better the yeild>>.......

  6. if you have the space, and can safely conceal a 7 footer, by all means, go for it. :)

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