Flowering with t8's and t12's

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by jayson33, May 12, 2011.

  1. Would 2 t8 32 watt 2350 lumens and 2 t12 40 watt 3150 lumen bulbs be fine for flowering? also they're 48 inches long and for 3 plants.
  2. also the t12s are 4100k while the t8s are around 6000k?
  3. I think 2700k is around the spectrum of light that the sun gives off during the flowering time of year outside. Or close to that. You can get "warm" bulbs in that kelvin rating I think in those size bulbs. Back in my early teens I used those for growing all the way. It worked ok. I would get product but it would never be pro quality as far as its density went. It was always potent though even with those lights. If you can afford it go get T5's to replace them. Over time they are more efficient I think and I believe they take less electricity for more total lumen output than the others. Although don't quote me on that.

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