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Flowering with T5's!!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by MaryJane51, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, so i've been reading about googling, searching the forums and all i find on t5's is people using them for veg. I am terribly sorry if someone has already posted this question but is it possible to flower with t5's? do you need new bulbs? and is there anywhere else other than ebay to get them? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. yes you can flower with them you use the warm or it is cool white spectrum for it i think!

  3. Hey Maryjane go to wormsway.com and check out the TT-105 flouro fixtures. They are basically dual T-5's so instead of needing an 8 bulb T-5 fixture you can use a 4 bulb TT-105 fixture and use less space. They are awesome! Get the bloom tubes that are 105 watts;11,000 lumens and 3000k. They also come in a 2 bulb setup. You can definately flower with them. Good luck!
  4. This is perfect, a little expensive but it's worth it because it is a good subsitute for HID(at least for now) but the only problem is they don't ship out of the U.S Which will be a problem for me:( Still I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. If you know of any other places and whatnot I'd love to know. Thanks

    Thanks alot man! ANy idea where I can get a fixture from? then i'd be set! Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks alot bro, these look beautiful! I found one that I think you may have or is similar to yours i'm just not quite sure if this one has the flowering bulbs in it or not and whether it comes with the bulbs or if they are seperate. I aplogize if i'm an idiot and missing something that's right infront of me:p I tend to do it often. Best of luck to you in the future!

  6. I am going to buy some T5 lights to help my LED's that I am buying. I went to www.hydrowholesale.com and for the 4ft 8 bulb system the price is $279.99. I know that they come with the 24w bulbs but thats about all I know about the bulbs to use. Like I said I am just useing them to go with my LED's becuase that is what I was told to do for the best results. If someone can let me know if they have ever worked with LED's and or T5's I would appreciate it. Later:wave:
  7. I've always used LST to produce many tops to my plants and have had very good harvests. Last grow I had three 2 foot tall plants and yielded 6 ounces. The light works great as long as you keep it about 3-4 inches from the top of the plant(s). I usually trim the bottom branches and low low budsites to prevent popcorn buds just like you would when using a HPS. The buds t5s produce are in no way popcorn buds. The lights is insanely brite especially with the reflectors the light has, trust me. The only weakness is that the light does't penetrate as far down the plant canopy as a HPS. I don't see that as much of a problem as long as you have your plant pruned properly and use LST. Good luck and enjoy those beautiful lights. :D
  8. Thanks bro, i'm gonna take a look and see if you have any grow journals using it(i would imagine you do) and see what I am in for. I was thinking maybe a scrog would work well too to avoid the popcorn buds? And do you have a t5 4ftx8 bulbs light or something similar and is the T5 the only light you use for flower or do you use that along with other lights? Thanks for all the help!
  9. I use two foor foot four bulb lights hung so they are next to each other. My grow journal died a while ago because my camera broke and I haven't been able to buy a new one. I wish I could have shown you my last grow. The nugs were huge on the white widow LST'd plants. Currently I have two jock horror plants 3 weeks in and they are just gorgeous. I will get a camera as soon as I can afford it and start tht journal up again. I always try to convince people that t5's are great for budding too but so many are skeptical. The hydro grow I did was under just one of the t5 lights so it had four bulbs total and The yield was pretty good and I had trouble with the nutes from the beginning, I'm not a huge fan of hydro lol.
  10. Do you have some venting at least? Even with t5's the air will heat up and it will still be hot with no ventilation. t5's are high output so they do create heat just not as much as HID lights. As far as the light, that would be great to provide ample light just make sure you can keep the air moving and fresh air coming in.

  11. these lights are amazing, all of my friends that grow mother's and flower clones use this set-up exclusively.
    this is the exact set-up im buying as well.

    hope you enjoy it man!

    i wont be flowering under my T5 set up but it will work for you, due to your heat issues.

    Good Luck to you dude!

  12. man save yourself some money and build one yourself just use some t-8's from wally world or the depot i have a 4'L x 2'W board with 12 floros for 480 watts and it works great. for a fraction of that cost. sorry just my 2cents:smoking:
  13. Thanks alot bud, I'm hoping this works out well for me aswell, I see you have a grow journal of NL5, I just got some...how are you liking it's growth,yield ect?

    Hey, thanks for the input It always seems making it yourself is cheaper eh? The only thing is I would have no idea of how to go about building a replica t5, t8, t12 setup and I wouldn't trust it works as well as a factory produced one but I could be wrong. If you have an pictures please feel free to post them i'd love to see it.
  14. Hey maryjane if you are not sure how to make one the best thing to do is just buy the T-5 setup you are looking at. It's never wise to play with electrical devices if you don't know what you are doing. Your 16 square ft. space should have a minimum of 800 watts to cover the whole area. I am guessing the T-5 fixture is about 400 watts? If you are just going to have a few plants in that space and had the light on adjustable hangars to accommodate growth that would be cool. Also, these things do give off heat. Not as much as HID but they will give off an amount that will build up and be noticeable expecially if you are not venting. If you have no way to vent your area you might have temp issues. Not trying to disappoint you but you should always have some way to circulate your room air.

  15. I have the hooks ready just waiting for the light to be ordered, I will have it adjustable to keep it at the optimal distance away from the plants at all times so hopefully that will make it better that I don't have 800 watts that I need. If you were to compare the heat given off by the T5 to a 400Watt hps would it be 1/2 the heat, less or more? Any input is welcome, aswell you aren't shitting on my plans or dissapointing me by telling me there is heat i'm more informed and will have a better chance of creating a better room now because of you, thanks. I'm also going to have a fan blowing on the light but for now that's about it for circulation.
  16. Your 8 bulbs t5 will produce about half the heat of a 400 watt HID. Are you going to be keeping a journal once you get the light and set everything up?

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