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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by johnnyd, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. i put my plants into flowering bout 2 1/2 weeks ago. can i put them back into a vegging stage?
  2. yea..why? and not to mention your going to stress your plants if you do that. just as if i had completely flipped around your sleeping schedule..
  3. I think if you were not on the flowering stage for so long it wouldn't be so big of a deal. Less than a week would prob not affect them at all.

    But at 2.5 weeks you are 25% into flowering. Im no expert, but it is gonna cause some funny growth.

    I made some clones from a plant that was a good 2-3 weeks into flowering and for about 5 weeks the plants grew with funny solo leaves like a sprout does, they are just now (month and a half) growing the fingered leaves.

    The solo leaves are weird, they wilt real easy, and grow real long and thin. Since the fingered leaves are actually now a decent size, ive clipped a few of the large solo leaves off so the light reaches the fingered fan leaves.

    I say, just finish flowering if you can.
  4. revegging is actually used as a catylyst to create larger yeilds by VERY experinced growers, however, if not done properly you will end up with a bunch of hermi plants, finish em up and get stoned!!!!
  5. I can see it growing large yield. Each place buds began to grow on my plants now sprouted into branches. :)
  6. i was just gonna put a few new plants in there. But the more i think about it i will just wait it out.
  7. good idea just to wait, i have a re-veg in the room at mo, and all the clones came from it, but doing a re-veg, is not as quick a turnaround as you'd think, and it looks like a mutant at first, lol.......but now it's looking better, lots of new growth, and hopefully will yield more..........Peace out..........Sid

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