Flowering too soon???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by geobaby69, May 25, 2010.

  1. My plants are about one inch high. Im about to put them under the lights 24/7, get them big and strong. My question is, can I start the flowering process three weeks from today? is that too soon? time is kind of a issue and I would like these to start budding as soon as possible.
  2. im not the most expeirence but in my opinon its never to soon, of course you always have to keep in mind am i growing just to learn and pass, or am i growing for the yield, i vegged my plant for 2 weeks under 18/6, then put her straight to flowering she was only about 2 inches when she went into flowering, this grow started off as a expierment so i could learn for future grows, turns out im getting a pretty good yield for the size of my plant though, its on its 46th day of flowering and its looking good i have another alot smaller been flowering and vegged the same amount of time, so with that you can see its never to early for a plant to flower, how ever it will be stunted it will be small, and less yield if you rush into flowering

    heres my grow this thread starts 4 weeks into her flowering


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