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Flowering stage help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mrbigsmoke, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys my plants are about 10-12inches tall now

    running on 18-6 when is the best time to let them flower?

    added another picture here of them and when i switch to flowering

    what nuetrients should i worry about? or should i put them intro new soil?

    plz help




  2. you can flower whenever you want. the plant will double or triple in size during flower so you switch your lights according to how tall you can stand her to get.

    how big are your containers? you want at least 1 gallon for every month the plant will be alive. so if your plant is 2 months old it should be in a 2 gallon pot getting ready to go into a 3 gallon pot for the next month worth of growth.

    what are you using for lights?

    what nutes are you using? have you fed them yet?
  3. using 250w 6500k and 250w 2700k cfl´s at same time blue and red

    iam using Floramicro triple pack

    For veg adding 2.5ml of all

    been feeding them that

    the pots are about 2gallons(11liters) dont have bigger pots this is the biggest

    here is pictures of the setup
    can find if u click on my profile my setup
  4. exactly how many watts do you have on them? you said 250W and 200W, is that just 2 bulbs? If that is the case i would flip the lights now. You dont want them getting super tall with cfls, they just dont penetrate well.
  5. ok just started 12/12 last night the plants took jump

    should i start using my nuetrients full fed? how many ml per day?

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