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  1. I have two female plants in a shed in the winter i have two fluorecent tubes in a overhang lamp for the 12/12 i figured id start 12/12 because i see a lot of white pistol hairs? Was it the right time? And im running and incandescent bulb and 65wat lamp and the bottoms of the pots to maintain heat cause of the cold,i have the plants wrapped around like a cone to help keep the overhang light in on 12/12 because the other ones are always on so i used it to deflect light from the outside because the heat lamps never turn off. Will buds still form? I understand strict lighting so blah blah.
  2. if they don't have 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness you going to get some shitty bud All stringy and stretched out. or you'll end up with hermaphrodites.Mjfrom someplace on something
  3. If the light is brighter than a full moon during dark period you will probably run into issues.
  4. Keep them in pitch black dark, when at night, keep an eye on your temps maintain 75f/25c, as any form of stress, will be a waste of your hard earned efforts, as the boys say result in hermies, or stringy bud.
    White pistol hairs is normally the time the plant wants to go to bud, continue your efforts, but at a strict 12x12, and keep a small fan and temperature gauge in there 

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