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  1. First time grower here. My plants are about 6 Weeks old now, I started them from seeds. someone told me I should wait for them to start to flower themselves, or if I should force them into flowering in a couple Weeks? They're about a ft and a half tall now and the canopy covers the 5 gal buckets they're in.
  2. if you're growing indoors, they will never flower unless you trigger or they are autos.

    if you're growing outdoors, you have almost half a year, depending on where you are, until they flower naturally.
  3. Well if I were growing outdoors mother nature would leave me no choice. What I'm asking is how do I tell if the plant is ready to switch the lights. The feed chart for my nutes say to start using the bloom part at 8 Weeks and the pk booster a week and a half later so im assuming 8 Weeks is about average.
  4. most people switch to 12/12 around 4-6 weeks in to veg. most breeds are ready to flower at about 3-4 weeks. the person was right to say wait until they are ready, but they meant when they show pre flowers. these are often missed by the untrained eye. you won't need to worry as they will be ready to flower by 6 weeks old

    I switch to my bloom formula 1-2 weeks after switching to 12/12 but the timing doesn't have to be that exact
  5. if you're growing indoors you will need to kick start the flowering by altering the light exposure, which will force and speed up the flowering of your plants (12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness will do the trick). :hello:
  6. I changed the time lastnight so today is the first 12/12 day hopefully I have 3 females and 0 males lol but probably the other way around.
  7. ugh one of my earlier grows i had 3 growing, and all 3 turned out to be male. sucked so hard i put so much effort into it, oh well.
  8. Yeah I would be ticked. So after I determine the sexes, say I want to keep a mother, how do you do that since its already in bloom?
  9. put the female plant under 24 / 0, it'll take couple of weeks.

    whenever it gets into the cold season i always germ some seeds into straight flower. i use the seeds that show female signs and put them under 24 / 0 until it warms up and there you ho, mothers!
  10. I started them in soil pods transplanted into dwc, once the taproot exposed itself. Had them under 600w hps I did my math wrong and had them at 16 on 8 off. I caught this mistake about a week and a half in veg and changed them to 18 on 6 off. I finally got my 4x4x7 tent up and fan and filter running so hopefully if all goes planned ill be toking my stuff in the coming months.
  11. take a few clones off each and label them. when you have discovered the males you can bin the corresponding clones. once you have picked your best female set aside one of the corresponding clones to be used as a mother

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