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  1. i put my plant into flowering about two weeks ago ( i dont know the strain as i found the plants as seedlings) i was just wondering how long it should take on average to see a noticable difference in the plant
  2. You should start seeing flowers in the another week to 10 days. Leafs will start tightening up.
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    How old were they when you switched to 12/12? If they had veg-ed for about a month, you could already be seeing changes. Definitely what jnewcs said.
    Since you don't know the strain, you probably don't know if they were feminized or regular seeds? If regular, you need to be checking for males NOW!!!
    Here's a link to another thread on here with lots of good info on sex-ing your plants:


    Bestaluck to ya.
  4. ^^^ Good point! I normally only veg for 3 weeks so I always base my flowering from the day I switch to 12/12.
  5. Yeah, me too. I counted this way for years and years & always wondered why my finishing times were always a couple of weeks longer than the breeder's specs, no matter the strain. Then one day someone hit me with a smart stick & told me breeders base their info on time from start of flowering to finishing. I don't care, to me it's still the time from switching to 12/12 till it's finished.
    I can learn new tricks but I can still be stubborn with how I count time!!!

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