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  1. hello people

    ive heard that some plants will double in size during flowering.just wondering if this is true and if any of you have had 1st hand experience with this or is it a myth,

    ive also read that they should stop growing about 2 weeks after bein put into flower,just wondering if this is correct too,

    i understand that there are alot of different variables.i.e growing conditions,lighting, ferts and so on,but was wondering if some one can confirm any truth in the in what i have written,

    thanks for all replies & information on this subject:wave: :gc_rocks:
  2. plants will double or triple its height during flowering. Its not a myth.

    Plants will continue to grow till they die, but they might grow in diferent fashions. At first the grow will go up, but later on, it will get thicker than larger...

    hope helps
  3. If I flower mine at 1 foot, I can expect them to easily reach 3'

  4. yeah that helps loads thanks

    but now i think im in a hole load of trouble,lol

    my plants are 2 weeks into flowering,about 5 ft tall, not too bushy as it was my first grow(about 5 main bud sites on each,with a few lower sites) but looking quite healthy,

    think im gonna have to lst the tops so i dont run out off height as it is an indoor grow,

    thanks for the reply:wave:
  5. thanks for your first hand advice,much apreciated,

    as i said above i may be in a little bit of trouble as they are about 5ft tall already 2 weeks into flowering,i have about 2 ft of height left to play with,so im thinking about lst'ing,maybe a bit late but gotta do something,

    il try to get some pics up later on today

    hope you dont mind me asking,but how much yield do you get from 1 of your plants?

    thanks again:wave:
  6. I did the same thing, my plants over 6 feet tall indoors and it's too big for its own good, definately start flowering no taller than a foot unless you have the space to take care of the thing. We have our own apartment so we're gonna clear out our bedroom to make space for the thing till it finishes growing. And also, I think it's too late for you to lst at this point, worth looking into I guess, but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't. Be real careful while you change the water once its giant because sudden movements will really stress the stem once its real tall.
  7. has your plant stoped growing vertically yet?also how long into flowering are you so i can get some sort of guide,im starting to get a little worried as to how big mine are gonna get,as they need 8 weeks to flower,

    just noticed this morn that my timer isnt working properly,not sure how long it hasnt been working for either:( ,,gonna get a new 1 later

    thanks for replying & for your advice:wave:

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