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    I'm using a 50 gallon storage container, it's about 3 feet tall. Plant is 20 inches tall now and sitting in the pot, the top ~3 inches are sticking out of the container. I was using some clip on lights attached to the side for lighting. It's almost too big to use those anymore. I have a bunch of the Y splitters and extension cords.

    2 questions:

    Does she look good to start flowering? Was looking to do so this week sometime. If so, I can just switch the lights off and start the 12/12 schedule with the 2400k lights from here on, right?

    I have a closet I can put it in, no need to hide it but I figured I wouldn't need anything bigger than that spare 50 gal container I had. Oops. Should I move it out? Any good alternatives to a grow tent/putting it in a closet?

    Thanks :wave:
  2. Well, it needs to be totally dark when the lights are out and it'll probably at least double in size when you flower it so put it in the closet if it'll fit and you can make it light tight :) Don't forget ventilation too!

    Just switch lights when you're ready!
  3. I'm guessing that the container is plastic/rubbermaid typ stuff if so just cut a hole in the bottom slightly smaller than your pot insert your plant through the hole and rest the container on top of the planter. Make sure that the container is screwd so your bucket so it doesn't decapitate your plant if is gets pushed over or anything. I think that would work. or you could do the same thing but just build some feet for the box so it doesn't fall off/down/whatever.
    good luck
  4. Thanks.

    Considering this. It's still a bit too 'bushy' to do that I think; accidentally started burning the tip of one of the leaves from being pushed up into the lamp, nothing major.

    The idea I currently have is: Use my Y splitters and my clip on lights to put up as much light as I can from 10am-10pm in a room that gets a lot of sunlight from the windows, and place it in the closet for the 12 dark hours. Still tossing around ideas on how to setup my lights for now tho :(
  5. tie that sucker down

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