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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by XxFirexX, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. I was wondering some things about flowering

    1)Do males smell like the females do?
    2)if i veg shorter, does that mean i can flower shorter?
    3) Has anyone used Miracle Grow (the blue stuff)? And how did you find the yield as compared to other kinds of ferts?


  2. yeh check that link..and as for miracle grow...dont use it, it has a high salt cntent that is know to fck with your plants PH and clog up the plant...find something other than miracle grow
  3. The main problem with miracle gro is it's high concentration. It only takes a small overdose to burn the plants. It is really a matter of adding a tiny pinch to a gallon of water. And use a generous flush with plain water for the next watering.

    The other problem is a matter of controvercy, and involves the flavor issue. I say it gives a chemical aftertaste as compared to using organics. Some say that a fert is a fert is a fert to the plants, and there could be no difference. But I can't stand to drink canned soda, as I get the same reaction.
    It is past the earth girl's bedtime. Hasta la bye-bye...eg
  4. Well i checked that site over and over and over...and didnt find the answers to numbers 1&2. But...ive kinda figured out for myself. I was lucky enough to get 2/3 females and the other was a hermie (which i removed from the growroom, but is still growing) So, thanks anyways!


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