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  1. Ok so my plant is about 6ft tall and the nutes right now are 21-7-14. This is outdoors and I was wonder how to switch to get a higher P+K ratio..

    Any suggestions... this is my first grow, thanks.
  2. What? Get a different fertilizer, remember you want it to run out of N by the end of flowering for best taste.
  3. What do you mean? Sorry this is my first time so i dont understand. I've been watering with water and the plant is in MG 21-7-14 soil. So do i buy some sort of fert high in P & K and pour it into the soil?? Sorry for misunderstanding.
  4. The first number is Nitrogen. It's a 21... that's a huge amount of nitrogen. (One of the reasons people say don't use MG soil)

    Have you added ANY fertilizer since you planted it and.... how long ago was that? (As in.. how long has the plant been sucking the nitrogen out of that MG soil?

    I'll let others more familiar with outdoor grows give you the heads up on what to feed it but I'd recommend not using MG soil next time... the balance of nutrients in it is usually just way too far off for MJ. :(
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    I use my own Russian comfrey based fert, see my link below for that.
    Also use BioCanna organic liquid fert, which comes in 2 versions, for vegging and flowering.


    There are masses of threads on ferts, not all of them are available everywhere - the Search facility will help. Good luck.
  6. They were planted in April.. They are on their 5th month. The only thing i have done is water them with water.
  7. So have you nuted it or not?
  8. that was the nutreints in the soil
  9. That's great... it means that a lot of that nitrogen should be used up by now (Hopefully)

    Can someone with great outdoor grow experience suggest a nute feeding that would go well with the (hopefully) depleted MG soil?

    I'd answer it myself but I'm not that great at dirt yet. LOL

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