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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr.Tangent, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. well, i'm finishing my 4 outdoor plants on 1000w HPS 12/12 cycle in a grow box to induce flowering...it's a kush strain so i figure the 8-9week to the end of flowering.. Now, i know all plants and strains are different but i'm wondering USUALLY how many days/weeks in to flowering will i start to notice bud production??????thx.....im impatient.....
  2. you must strip your mind of impatience. the great seed will only bless those who wait with bountiful harvests and potent trichomes.
    if you water. it will bud, inevitably, eventually.
    you must merely wait and be humbled by the process of nature.
  3. thx obejii......i'm going off on kinda of a tangent here...hence the name ..but I went out to my babies this am and noticed my light had NOT kicked on at 715am when it should have......so at 930am i turned it on right away.....So, do i turn it off at its regular time(715pm)???only 10hrs of light today??? or give them the 2hrs of light they missing and shut it off at 930pm now????thx......
  4. It doesn't really matter if a plant misses an hour or two of light. Just leave it on the schedule.
  5. stay the course.

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