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  1. Hey guys. I just changed the timer for my grow tent to turn lights off for 12 hours a day. Roughly how long will it take for my plant to start showing signs that it is flowering..?

  2. If your plant was/is mature (alternating nodes) she should begin showing pre-flowers in a few days..male plants are faster than females.
    Alternating nodes.jpg
  3. What if it wasn't mature?
  4. It will still pre-flower and flower..usually finishing with a lower yield than the same plant that was allowed to mature..Generally, longer veg= larger plants=bigger yields
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  5. I don't understand what alternating nodes are.. Can you please explain it? Lol. I tried googling and for some reason I dont get it
  6. Look at this again! Alternating nodes = a mature plant!
    Alternating nodes.jpg
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  7. I usually see signs of sex from 7-10 days after the flip.
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  8. Usually the same here, but this grow, my females began showing the 2 white hairs within 3 days of the flip..
    Plants vegged for between 6-7 weeks and were mature.(Grandaddy Purple, unknown breeder from MSNL)
  9. a plant will end stretch and begin budding in 1-2 weeks on average granted the plant was mature before hand.

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