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  1. hey all, I got 1 plant that is growing, and its first set of nodes are about 2 cm apart, from there about 3 cm till the the middle and since I started flowering, the nodes have spaced out to about 5-6 cm eahc node. Is this normal, or is my plant stretching, it is about 6-7 inches under a 430 watt hps light, but I have an oscillating fan inches from the plant so it doesnt get hot where it is. Is this good? im finishing off the 2 wk force flower period.
  2. I guess it's personal preference when you flower, but i was allways taught to wait till they were at least over 8"....even better to wait till approx 12", as some of the younger plants will not be able to sustain the flowering period...i.e. weight of buds...stress...etc......Peace out...Sid
  3. another thing , how do i stop my plant from growing to start a cola, or does it do that by itself, if so at what height, its seeds from a dealer and i dunno the strain, i triggered flowering when i saw preflowers at about 14 inches
  4. The cola will grow by it'self from the centre of the plant....some plants have larger colas than others and the yield you get from you're plant will depend on a lot of things....temperture...humidity....no light during the dark period..."and i mean no light"......health of plant and strain, also co2 etc......but it should be o.k. on a 12/12 light....temp approx 70-80 degrees farenheit....humidity...30-40% approx and don't let her get dry or overwater....and see how it goes.....Peace out...Sid
  5. p.s most plants will triple in size when flowered....some sativas may go even higher....i triggered a sativa at 2.5feet and it ended up over 7.5feet.....Peace out...Sid
  6. pps....get you're light close to the action...lol.....not too close....put your hand between the plant and the light....if it's too hot, move it further away....if it's ok then go for it....to give you an approx idea....430w divided by 10= 43cm from light= approx 18"....tying back leaves is personal prefrence again, but some people find it beneficial to allow light to the lower buds.....Peace out...Sid

  7. I was thinking bigger the better..meaning taller..
    If I go to flower at 12" seems the plants will be rather young..
    Only took my plants 4 weeks to go to 12". I was paying attention not to have them get stringy and was under the impression if I got them to go to 4 - 5 feet it would be a good thing.

    So my new plan should be..please correct me where I am wrong.
    Go to flower at 12" - seperate the male/female ASAP. Clone new batch when batch 1 in flower , then go over it again..
    Seems from what I am reading we want most of our grow time to be in flower stage which will be 6-8 weeks.
    So if it's 4 weeks veggy then 8 weeks flower we should be on a good time schedule.

    I seem to have the Veggy stage down pat. Comes from my outside growing of tomatos, etc.

    I'm gonna work on setting up grow room #2 for flowering so I can have 2 stage growth rather then carrying plants around the place.

    BTW they seem to do better with a mix of FLORo and HPS in veggy phase rather then only one type. But I think I am reading HPS is much better for flower stage.

    I like growing..good hobby.
    One day I might even get a good smoke.
  8. correct on most parts there.....the mixture of hps and fluros, or mh is known as dual spectrum.....from red to blue......it is better for the growing of plants......as for the clones....flower and wait till you know it's a female and take a couple of clones,not too many as to cause too much stress....as for when to flower, i certainly wouldn't wait till they're 5 foot tall..lol....only outdoors maybe as it will usually triple in size.....average veg stage if done properly with sufficiant light...30 days......floering, depends on strain and when the plants ready...or when you prefer it....some people prefer an up-high by harvesting earlier and some prefer the good old...(to quote woody...) couch lock.......Peace out...Sid
  9. I know what u mean, my unexperienced harvests were awful!
    in MJ's defense, It was all me, ppl are right, education is #1
    out of 30 plants, i got one oz of commercia grade, with the one i have now, looking to be about a 3oz half decent one,
    I have done my share of stupidities, went out an bout 200$ worth of screw in flourescent and Halogen spotlights ( they do nothing, except for the small flouros) and ended up with 8 ft tall plants with no buds and A stem about 3 inches wide.
    the second grow I just threw the seeds that I got from the above plants, Most turned hermie and I believe This is not a good thing, since the plants now were from the offspring of the first batch. I got some seeds from my reputable dealer , although the pedigree is uncertain, should I try those in a small hydro system. here was my thought.

    I have an aquarium downstairs big enuf for 2 plants, can I put a Fert solution in it with a big 18 inch airstone , hang my light above, and have my plants in net pots on half the surface of a piece of floating styrofoam the other half under? if this will work, I can get another aquarium of the same dimension, and for all of u out there, this might be a VERY cheap way of growing dro. I saw it at a friends house a few years back, and it didnt click what he was doing until now :)
  10. sorry can't help you on the hydro side of things.....i'm going to wait till i've convinced myself of growing in soil before trying hydro.....Peace out...Sid

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