Flowering Problems

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  1. Hey guys,
    So one of my plants is almost done with its 5th week of flower and up until now it's shown no signs of issues. But now it's been yellowing and leaves have been dying off slowly but surely. I'm not sure if it's just part of the process or if there's an actual issue. I know yellowing in the leaves is normal , but is it normal this early? I just did switch to KoolBloom 2-45-28 and thinking this might be this issue, maybe I just gave it to my plant a little to early and it's starting to die off early .. or maybe it got an actual issue. I can post pics soon. But it's overall look is just droopy and starting to yellow. I also did have another plants pot I recently cut down still inside there to help stress a branch and idk if that may of caused some issues, being that another decaying plant was beside it... I'm just at a dead end of what I think could be the issue.... any suggestions ?? Again , I can post pics soon.

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