Flowering light schedule?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Toke"N"Chill, May 29, 2006.

  1. Quick question... Once you start seeing white hairs and have sexed the plant should you change the light cycle from 12 on 12 off and back it off a bit to give more light time to finish flowering/budding or just drive on with 12/12 until harvest? Thanks!
  2. There's no right answer. Depends totally on circumstances -- how long into veg when you started sexing, your goals. constraints of time/size/light/resources, etc.
  3. Yeah, I know... That's why I am a bit confused. I need to push my plants to harvest as quickly as possible because I am moving at the end of july. They have been flowering for about 2 weeks now. Getting more and more white hairs everyday. I believe I have an indica strain (bag seed) so I am hoping I can yield something from my labor. From what I understand buds will mature faster if I keep them in the 12/12 cycle. However, the yield will be reduced some, but that is the sacrifice I need to make based on my time crunch. If anyone has any better ideas I am all years... :smoking:
  4. Oooops, in my previous post I meant to say I am all "ears" not "years". I speak english very well, I just can't type it. :cool:

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