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  1. While i was high, I was thinking about different lighting options...

    Let's say i have a plant... It's in vegetative and is getting light 24/7. I'm planning on switching to flowering soon and When that day comes I'll turn my lights off for 24 hours. Then I'll turn them on for 24 hours. And back and forth... Would it work? I mean the plant is getting light and dark in equal portions, who is it to determine how long or short the cycles are, as long as they are equal right?

    Opinions? or at least theories on what would happen?

    And, let's say I have another plant... Just put it into flowering at 12/12. Going on at 12:00 am and turning off at 12:00 pm. Now let's say i started working some crazy ass hours that didn't allow me to see my plant due to such a busy work schedule... Would it be possible to change my light cycles to on at 12:00 pm and off at 12:00 am by gradually increasing both times by say... 30 minutes?

    Day 1. 12:00 am - 12:00 pm.
    Day 2. 12:30 am - 12:30 pm.
    Day 3. 1:00 am - 1:00 pm.

    And so on until they were on 12:00 pm and off at 12:00 am. I Figure it would take 24 days to make the full switch. It could even be an hour a day and have the whole process done in 12 days. I'd prefer it short because I know I'd be waking up at some crazy hours for those however many days...

    Opinions? Thoughts? Theories?
  2. Nature. The sun and earth. It's what the plant's genetics are used to, 12/12. A day of light and a day of darkness, repeated, is asking for a hermie.
  3. First plant: It will start flowering if you give it 24h of darkness [multiple times] (12h would already be enough).

    /edit: or it'll hermie due too stress, as stated above

    Second: Just leave the lights off for 24h and turn them on at 12pm, at least that's what I'd do. But going in 30min/1h steps would work as well, as long as the plant get's at least 12h of darkness.

  4. It's not like there's a built in clock though... The point of the 12/12 cycle is to make the plant think that growing season is coming to an end and it's time to flower and get freaky with another plant. It's getting equal amounts of light and dark.
  5. If I kept the plant in a week of dark and a week of light would it still know what to do?
  6. Well that's a bit extreme... and kinda retarded of you to say... What if it was 15/15 rather than 12/12? Or any combination... i'm not looking for optimal plant growth.. I'm just wondering what would happen...
  7. 24/24? try it and see if it works as for dark cycles just get a green colored light and the plants wont notice
  8. Again, you're pulling it out of flowering and putting it into flowering at bad intervals. It will hermie and die.
  9. Why are you so quick to challenge the time-tested wisdom and success of 12/12 with 24/24 but think that a week on / week off is extreme?

    24/24 is too long between dark cycles. Stick to 12/12 or close to it.
  10. Could you easily sleep 24 hours then stay awake 24 hours on a regular basis. It's just too stressful on the plant (Im assuming). But I'd love to see you do some tests with your plants ;)
  11. can't say anything about 24-0-24, except that why risk it without any data or evidence? plants are used to the sun rising and setting everyday, that is what their "circadian rythym" is based around. might it work? maybe, but whats the point?

    In terms of "cycling" your light schedule forward/backward to reach a different On/Off time, YES, i have done that (albeit at the very beginning of my flowering stage) and it appeared to have no ill effects as all 3 of my plants turned out female and produced quite admirably.

    eg. when i was re-cycling my lights, I would turn the lights on at say 11am, and turn them off at 11:30pm. Next day I turned the lights on at 12 noon, and turned them off at 12:30am. Then On at 1pm, Off at 1:30am, etc, etc.... it really doesn't take all that long. Plus I'm sure you could probably cycle in 1hr increments instead of 30-minute increments like I was doing, without suffering any sever consequences.
  12. Help desk, No one has ever discovered anything of value without a risk. I think your idea has merit. I wouldnt try it with my important girls , but definetly worth a few trials. why not? you may very well have the next big thing going. LOL i can see your logic. while someone else said a week, that seems alittle extreme, but you could start out 15/15 or 20/20 . keep us posted!
  13. My grows the last couple of years were done in a house with no ac or heat, so I ran the lights at night--on at 6 pm, off at 6 am (off at noon during veg phase). This kept the daytime heat down during the summer and kept the girls warm at night during the winter. I run the lights during the daytime now, because my new grow space has a skylight, and the light coming out of the skylight at night was making me paranoid. I'm setting up a new grow space as a permanent veg space and keeping my present grow space as a flower room.
  14. I once had a girl who got pregnant (I guess She was a whore). I let her go to full term and then put her back into veg phase. She grew another foot and grew new buds when I put her back into bud phase. I got 20 seeds and a half oz of sinsemilla buds from the same plant. I guess she regrew her cherry!
  15. One of the reasons and the biggest is when outside it hits 12/12 the plant produces a hormone thats what keeps it in flowering stage. That hormone builds up and up till it causes flowering. Fucking with the lights as once the plant outside hits 12/12 doesnt ever change for the most part can fuck with your plants.

    You should do this do a full report and let us know :)
  16. I got 4 bitches going right now... both in flower and are separated for the sake of the experiment... They were all clones of the same plant and vegged at the same speed and all grew exactly the same... when i threw them in flower i separated them under equal amounts of light, 2 of the plants are in 12/12 and the other 2 are in 14/14.

    The 14/14 plants are bigger, have slightly more bud sites and are growing more aggressively...

  17. what would be a good light set up for say 6-8 plants in my shed? I Want to go HPS but don't know what wattage is good. :D:D:D:D:D also this is my first grow so i'll totally try on of your obscure flowering light times. ;)
  18. yeah i definitly see the merit in that idea. not the week on and off part but the 15/15 is ok idea. because light kills the hormone tht makes a plant mature and eventually flower u dont want too much lights because then almost every time the hormone builds up it gets killed off by the 24 hours of light afterwards my quess is mayb a hermie.... but probably a huge delayed time in flowering or even showing flowering. so thts what i keep in mind. having said my piece......

    does anyone know if it would b a problem to switch lights in another way? like for ex. the lights go on at 8 at night and off at 8 in the morning. instead of changing by small increments wud it hurt to jus say switch it to 11 at night to 11 in the morning? also same previous question if it has been in veg up untill this time.?..... just sum thoughts on this if anyone kud help. thnx

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