flowering finaly!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by hydrator, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. well after the mishap with the bad globes and a prolonged veg cycle i can now gladly say my plants are looking great !
    the speed at which they took of after changing the globes is unbeleiveable, theyve just gone beserk, ive been keeping them tied down as they grow so they are very bushy and the two of them now take up most of the grow erea , although there is still enough room as far as height goes for them to grow up.

    im now on day 6 of flowering, ill be looking for an ozone generator soon as they alredy smell quite strong and they havent even got any buds yet, i checked em out at the hydro shop the other day and im looking at 300 bills for a new one.

    thats it for now ill update in a few weeks, hopefully someone is interested in these ramblings? bye!
  2. well i had only planed on veging for 6 weeks but bad globes had me extend that to seven to bring em up a bit im using powdered ferts as they were the cheapest at the time, ive got the strength at 14000 ppm.

    im flushing once a week to keep the salt build up down as im using a recycled setup also i check and adjust ph every day.
  3. sorry that nutrient level should have read 1400ppm, thats the level the guy at the hydro shop sugested i use.
    youre room size is very close to mine, it must be chocka block by harvest time.

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