Flowering clone dilemma

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  1. Normally flowering clones are taken 21 days into flowering.

    If the white hairs of a female are present only after 1 week of flowering, would the clones taken at this date or day 21 be stressed significantly once under a vegetative light cycle?
  2. shouldnt take clones in flower man best way imo is to take them in veg ...Now dont get me wrong ive pulled clones 2 weeks into flower and they rooted however i did notice it took some time to see upward growth the clone was in real rough shape...when u cut a clone in flower not only does it have to devote energy to rooting but it has to revert back to veg stage only did it cause i had a pheno of a strain i almost lost and i couldnt tell the difference till flower mislabled or somthing hope this helps sorry to ramble
  3. The recovery period of a clone is not an issue.

    What is being asked is if the presence of the the white hairs so soon in flowering are a cause for concern when taking a flowering clone. Would it be too late?
  4. No it shouldn't be an issue. My black Russian strain shows sex after a couple weeks of veg
  5. But is is recommended to clone in veg. A lot easier. But the earlier u clone in flower the better I would believe
  6. opps sorry dude lol just read it over misunderstood it
  7. man i cloned 17 days into flower, my plant hat pistils allready. the clones have rooted within 7 days but clones are still growing pistils.only light in veg room is 6500k and its been 30 days since they rooted. clones are not growing at all but i topped one and now its growing up but all mutated leaves. It did get 50 degrees for a few days so maybe that affected growth anyone?
  8. I have some plants doing the same things, some have duck feet leaves, others have no serrations on the leaf fingers. A plant reverting back to the veg state can, and will do some strange things. Don't worry about it, once they fully revert they should be just like new. I've read books saying 21 days into flower is the best time to take clones from flowering plants. I've taken many clones from flowering plants, and they have all turnedout fine.
  9. yea thats what i was thinkin.I rejuvinated a few mommas and they grow duck feet at first. i figured thats what was happening to my clones ytryng to revert. thx .
  10. My clones did the same thing. Look at them now.
  11. Damndeath you pushin those pics hardcore!!!! I saw you pushin em last night other thread lol

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