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  1. sup wanted to share some pics of my first grow. Three weeks under 12/12 cycle 400 watt HPS. For extra end light i used 3780 cfl 60 watt. I have 12 plants now. Considering chopping down two more for hash probably. Ok don't crucify me but yesterday added too much bloom. Curled the hell out of my babies but they'll manage. Starting to see the tops collect resin and tricombes. I also am using a wonderful air cooler which cleans and cleans my air. It also helps maintain my humidity and addition tempurature which are at 76 F and 50 H. My girls are waiting to be placed in their new home. I bought a tent and just waiting to hang the hood. Any hoo as always thinks for the look and comments.


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  2. +rep my friend, who says you cant have a bomb plant with some bagseed?
  3. Looks good. It looks as though you used a couple different types of bag seeds, or if it was a single bag, you had a couple different strains in there. I see a couple are definate Sativa or Sativa dom and a couple look 50/50 Sativa/Indica.

    Have you tried molasses yet? Next time you water, try adding 5 ml of molasses into a gl of water and using that, you will see a difference in 5-7 days.

    Those Sativas have about 8 wks or so left, but those 50/50's look like they will be ready in another 5 or 6.

    good luck keep us posted.

  4. Thanks guys!

    Yes stoner brother I was thinking about adding molasses in my next water. 5-6 weeks left awesome! Yeah I counted about 5 different strains myself. Yeah I was very particular to the bag seed but on first grow def recommend the use if you want to experiment. I will post four complete weeks next which should include first water of molasses. i have read I should only water with it three or few times during entire growth?

    Thanks for feedback

  5. Man thats super cool!! :smoke::hello::hello:

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