Flowering and non flowering autos in same Grow tent

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  1. Hey guys I'm growing a couple different strains of autos in a new grow tent indoors. I have 2 of them that I started about 2 wks earlier than 4 of them that are beginning to flower. Question is how long can I keep the humidity higher to benefit the others that haven't began flowering yet before I need to worry about mold and it effecting the later flowering plants. I try to keep the humidity between 50-60, usually no higher than 60. Because of my conditions my temps are usually between 77-86 at all times.
  2. You can do whatever you want but you do risk bud rot and other mold issues the higher you run the humidity. I've never attempted to manage my humidity at all. Only the temp. The humidity just falls where it may. As long as it's not too high I don't let it concern me. People grow plants in moist and dry environments. 40% is about as high as I would like to see it with lights on. Mine is usually closer to 35% lights on close to 60% lights off.
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  3. This is the main benefit of autos. One room perpetual grows with no concern for light leakage or a light cycle for that matter. Plants of all stages in the same area. Increased growth per day compared to photos because autos can bud with 20+ hours of light.
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  4. The skatepark. Dude, you'll be banned shortly. Hookups are against the terms of service. I find it funny people trust a random forum more then someone they meet face to face.
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  5. Fear of bud rot probably causes harm to yield by fooling us into keeping our humidity too low. The opinion of the VPD chart, which I've been following with zero bud rot, is that your 50-60% humidity is too low. According to the chart, the minimum RH for 77 F is 65%, and for 86 F, it's 70%. Using RH below these values will cause the plants to grow less vigorously than they could. I used your temps my last grow, with RHs from the green of the VPD chart, and had no problems, other than the growth was so vigorous that the plants grew into the lights. A 6 foot tall auto indica in an indoor hydro was much more than I expected.
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  6. Absolutely, autos at all stages may be grown together, they adapt to a wide variation of temp but not so much humidity at any age. Keep it low if possible. If you have a choice always give the most vigorous flowering plants their ideal. The others either had their chance or will be getting their ideal environment very soon.
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  7. Very informative. I could increase it b/c I have a humidifier but thought 60% was pushing it. It stayed around 35-40% before I got it and have noticed an increase in leaf growth..much appreciated for the chart
  8. I think people do get too paranoid about humidity but I have never had bud root or mold at all and I live in an extremely moldy place. There's mold on my window sills and frames if I don't clean them regularly. I don't want that stuff on my buds. 38% day 60% night seems good. It isn't super low. I assure you I get vigorous growth at those levels. Just cut down a 12oz plant with a stem like a little league baseball bat.
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  9. Nice, I'd have to frame it if I grew something that big
  10. well that explains a lot, like I said low, like 65% at 80.
  11. I'm going threw that rite now one auto didn't flower until I put in 12/12

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