flowering already? help please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by whoisbanksy, May 15, 2011.

  1. iv been growing outdoor with a clone i got about a month ago.. after a week it started to flower. since iv hAD IT IV transplanted it and have been spraying it with neem oil regularly as a precausian and after seeing a few bugs here and there which helped...

    since we've had a few storms it was starting to look weak but the past week has been brilliant sunshine and the plant seems to look very healthy and green.. the buds are somewhat at a standstill and haven't been making alot of progress.. i know this is probably a bad decision but i decided since it was flowering i started giving it tigers blood nutes.. my question is is this normal and if anyone has any tips ill try to post pictures tomorrow..
  2. whats your feeding schedule
  3. 3 tsp's to a gallon and have been watering it when it looks dry about everyother day
  4. Your clone was growing under 18+ hours of light, so when you put it outside, the plant naturally entered its flowering phase due to the shorter photo-period. It is probably too late for this plant, but for future clones, you should vegetate them under artificial light until they have grown about as large as you want them to be before setting them outside.

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