Flowered too early can I still top?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Jamesdowell, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. My plant is about 8-10 weeks old and it began to flower about a week ago before i got the chance to top it. Is it too late to top it or can I top it with the nug on it? I think it may be because I planted too early and it had like weird light hours so hopefully it will re-veg. Its about 1 and a half feet tall with 5 spots up the main stem growing nugs. The top nug is probably like half a gram. I live in florida so its like warm almost year round.
  2. .....Sounds like an autoflower.
  3. [quote name='"ThEbLuEMaGoO"'].....Sounds like an autoflower.[/quote]

    Yeah definally does. OP I don't think you can just let it Flower for a bit longer than you were going to.
  4. It was a bagseed but it was dank bud I only found one seed but like we were getting more hours of light then dark when I first planted, like 13/11
  5. Yeah so it's an auto, just let her goo
  6. True how long do you think I should wait till harvest?
  7. depends on how far along it is. Post a picture
  8. How long from seed is she? Like when she germd? Average time I've seen autos advertised was like 8 weeks long you can flower for longer I would just to let it produce a bit more THC. You do have a microscope you could see your trichs than and determine more or less what high it would give more stoner or cerebal.

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