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  1. I went to a gardening center to get soil and pots for my grow and saw some plants being grown indoors with flours. But theesones had a distinct blue tint to them. I was planning on buying a couple of cool whites and a couple of warm whites. But now im confused. Should i buy what i planed on or do i need the bluish ones?This is my 1st indoor grow so ill keep posted.
  2. I dont grow with floro's,but i did,however,look into it a bit.Cool whites and warm whites seem to be the way to go.
    I'm sure sidous,sureshot,unoit many of the other expereinced
    growers will be along to help you out better.
  3. you can use either, both work.
  4. the ones with the blue tint r propa grow tubes. they put out a spectrum of light more suited to certen plants at certen stages of growth but less overall light than either cool or warm white tubes and cost a load more to buy.

    daft as it sounds cool and warm white tubes r better 4 growing than grow tubes are.
  5. thx much. Now i can get started on my grow, but im sure i'll be back with more questions.

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