Flourescent vs MH for Veg

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Mr. Peabody, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. I'm just curious how fluorescent lights compare to MH for the veg stage. On my last grow I started my sprouts in a tent with MH and switched to HPS for flower but I will be moving into my own apartment soon so I will have an available room to divide for both veg and flower. I appreciate the help guys.
  2. Waznyf: HID, MH and HPS are by far better but they're much hotter. You might want to seriously consider the alternatives. If heat and cost of electricity are major concerns then your florescent lamps are going to usually come out on top. You're not going tot get the same yield but if you're growing only for yourself you'll probably be very happy.

    If you're going to go with florescent lighting I would urge you to look at the versatility of T-5's. I hope that helps. Hank
  3. I'm doing an apartment grow as well. I use two t5x8's and love them for veg. I used to use a 1000 watt mh, but I don't see much difference in growth rate. Looks to be about the same.
  4. Hey Guys: if you've been watching the TV series, "American Weed," you've seen an indoor grower, (not the guys in the greenhouse), vegging his plants under a rack of T-5's and that says it all for me. I love mine. Hank
  5. T5`s are great for vegging, seedlings and clones. There only draw back is they dont have the light penetration for long term vegging. But most of us dont do long term vegging before flowering because of indoor grow room size limitations.

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