floro grow... 115degree weather :(

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wookie, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. 115 degrees where i had this growin with floros... pretty weak...

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  2. I'm surprised it survived let alone grew bud! thats pretty hot, how did it get that way when your using fluorecent lights? no vent or air circulation?
  3. He said it's the weather...you gotta have air conditioning with temps like that.
  4. it was in the attic and it lets air from outside in and i live in a deserty area i had a good fan tho
  5. A fan can only blow around the air of a certain temperature. If it's venting out hot air it can't cool unless it's drawing in cooler air than it is exhausting. A fan can make it feel cooler to our skin -- like the "wind chill factor" on weather forecasts -- but that's not the same as a drop in temperature.

    Attic grows are notoriously difficult for this very reason. I gave up my attic grow.
  6. that 115 degrees is way too hot and the fan was just there to keep the lights a little cooler, there was nothin i could do about the weather and i couldnt put the plants anywhere, basically i should grow in the winter here instead considering we dont really have a winter...
  7. I thought about growing in my attic until I went up there on a fairly cool day. It was HOT then so I knew as soon as summer set in that it was going to be impossible without running AC up there. No way I was going to put out the cash to try and keep the attic cool. I would love to grow up there if someone can give me an economical solution. I am currently growing in a nice cool PRIVATE basement that guest just don't wander into. However, I am moving to a new house I bought and it does not have a basement. I am not looking forward to a cramped closet grow so I would love to hear from anyone who has a better idea.
  8. i love closet grows, i just cant do it yet until i move in a year or so... but then i will grow some dank nugs ;) get an hps and inside fo sho
  9. Build a grow box, Both of you. Wookie you can cool a smaller area a lot easier then cooling the entire attic and Toke&chill try a box with a scrog grow.
  10. My experience was that on a sunny day the ambient temp in the attic was 10F or more above outside. Inside the grow box with the light on was 10-15 higher than that. So if it was 85 outside then it was 95 or more in the attic and about 110 inside the box. If you tap off an HVAC line in your house you would never cool that box below 90, well maybe if you also wrapped the whole box in insulation.
  11. Your telling me that with proper ventilation and circulation that the box would still get 20 degrees hotter. I quess considering you have done it but that doesn't sound right, but then again what do I know.

  12. Coming from an HVAC installer, I can tell you that you can cool that son of a bitch as much as you want by tapping into an HVAC and running it to your 110 degree box in your attic (without wrapping it in installation). You'd just have to be running your A/C nearly non-stop during lights-on. That's also dependant on how big your box is, and how big (diameter) the run is that you've got going to the box.

    Obviously energy consumption could make that an issue too.

    Wrap the box in installation like you said and it would make things 10x easier though. Personally, I'd just not grow in an attic.

    But honestly, it seems to me without any kind of ventilation, and running an HID inside of an inclosure AND in a hot ass attic in the SUMMER the box would get a lot hotter than 110. In my first grow in my closet, when I first clicked the light on and kept the door shut for a while just to see how hot it would get, it was running at about 100 degrees. The temp in the room was only about 75. And THAT was with only a 150w HPS.
  13. its 115 degrees outside so if what this guys sayin then its 125 in my attic and thats way too hot for buds:(
  14. in my opinion. better than nothing!!!!! :hello:
  15. My friends look very similar to yours. Maybe the attic is not going to work out...

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