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  1. Sign this shit. Just get on that page and sign the petition.
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  2. oh man, it really doesn't matter about the medical part of it...here in California, the voters spoke when they voted against marijuana legalization when Prop 19 failed

  3. wut...?
  4. Prop 19 prolly passed, demand a recount! Lol George W would have....
  5. Florida is just too stubborn. =\
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    Florida is a retirement state, so it's got a higher-than-median age distribution.

    Not trying to sound age-phobic here... but it's just harder for older people to learn new things, or to change life held opinions. My grandma has fibromialgia, and I tried to show her some videos from "The Silver Tour" project as part of convincing her to let me make her some edibles, and she just shut down and told me that her doctor is taking proper care of her.

    Meanwhile, she's gotten dependent on Gabapentine and Baclofen...

  7. DAMN :eek: aint that some shit... Big Pharm companies love the elderly and they'll never let weed be legal bc half of their drugs could be replaced...
  8. Yeah we have too many old retired people here in Florida.
    Give it a couple more years when they are gone and we'll be good. :smoke:
  9. The hippies and 70's people are retiring now, so the thinking will change.
  10. A professor of mine told the class decriminalization will be on the November ballot, so make sure to vote!
  11. Now that I'm 18 (birthday was February) and registered I can finally actually support this shit.

    I for one will definitely be voting on that ballot.
  12. i thought they tried this in south beach about a year ago maybe over a year ago.
  13. Yeah I heard about that too but I think is for the whole state to accept medical marijuana.
  14. im gonna look it up see whats up thats interesting, i think florida would be a great mmj state.
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    Really because a top senior's magazine recently ran a poll about their views on medical marijuana and most of the people that answered the polls said they would vote yes to allow it.

    You have to remember seniors are on a LOT of different prescribed medications which medical marijuana can help with aside from being way better for you than pills.

    So yea seniors definitely are interested in the prospect of using medical...

    So it'll be interesting to watch and see what happens.

    The part they're struggling with is getting it passed on the fed side. The people want it though
  16. [quote name='"jflex"']

    i thought they tried this in south beach about a year ago maybe over a year ago.[/quote]

    They tried to decriminalize it but people werent ready for that shit.i believe its gnna be awhile untill florida jumps on the medical bandwagon..
  17. yeah man, i thought i saw something today where the bill got killed so its not going to the ballot even tho 60% aprove it. sucks....
  18. i saw your thread on florida medical marijuana i also am in support of legalization and just started a Facebook page to spread the word for florida residents check it out! please like and post threads on news and current events happening in florida relating marijuana heres the link https://www.facebook.com/floridareforms
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