Florida in limbo.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Zanc420, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. I’ve read up on the news 2 weeks ago but haven’t heard anything since! Are we any closer? Did Desantis pull back his restrictions on vote gathering?

    We’re close to being able to recreationally legalize by the 2020 ballot if this passes through the rest of the way.

    Happy tokes fellow Floridians.
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  2. I’ve got to catch up on this one. There has to be a southern state with a beach out there that will go for the tourism bucks with legal weed. I’ve always thought GA for some reason but Florida makes sense.
  3. I'd be happier if Florida would just decriminalize it, but the lure of tax $$ is too strong for greedy politicians to resist.
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  4. I thought Florida did decriminalize it? I read yesterday that the pro Rec movement in Fl is growing and another bill was put through allowing mom and pop operations to legally grow from medicinal use and once the rec laws get passed they can grow for Rec sales. Not sure on all the details it was a quick littler excerpt.
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  5. So far, only medical from state recognized dispensaries for registered patients, is legal.
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  6. Right but I though dicriminalzied ment that if you get caught with up to a certain amount (like 3 grams or something) was “legal enough” to where you couldn’t get cited or arrested.

    I could be wrong but idk. I plan on getting my medical card in a month or so. I’ve already had doctors tell me they would because of my back and foot. Only thing that’s been stopping me is money and my anti-stoner gf. I’ve got the money now and my second problem I think is about to be broken up with.

    I prob sound like an ass and I don’t mean to, but give me the benefit of the doubt as if you did know the whole story.
  7. I remember FL going against med, then voting it in. I’m in a NO to anything but pain pills state.
  8. You're correct about decriminalization. Basically my point is to leave us the hell alone, don't tax it, don't regulate it (or me). I was just pointing out what our current laws are via medical MJ. Unless you see it on the ballot in Nov '20, it's very doubtful our legislators will legalize recreational MJ or our ability to grow it.
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