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  1. so has anyone ever used the FLoraNova line of Nutes? They seem great and the reviews on them are pretty good. If so.. can you help me with how soon to start using it and in what amounts? I need some help and i dont want to nute burn them... Since its PH balanced is there a true need to worry about the PH getting out of wack? Its in a organic soil grow and the only thing in the soil was .05 nitrogen
  2. I've only ever used FloraNova for hydro. And they don't even have any directions for soil on their packages. So.....
  3. it said works great for both hydro and soil...
  4. I use FloraNova grow and bloom for hydro and soil. Like that dude above me said, it works for both.

    If you don't have a PPM or TDS meter than you should get one. A cheap one is thirty bucks or so.

    If you can't get one. Then mix one teaspoon per gallon of fresh water, and work the nutrient level up weekly from there.
  5. PPM or TDS? What exactly do those do for ya?
  6. it tells u how many parts per million so u can never over nute
  7. any good links for a ppm meter? maybe ebay or something like that. Also.. should i worry about PH with FloraNova? It says its ph balanced so i figured if i used water i leave out for a few days i should be fine in theory right?
  8. would someone like ebay number 270263719514 work? or am i off?
  9. Total Dissoled Solids meter. Call your local hydro shop and get one, or order it online. I bought mine online.
  10. no local hydro shop... any idea where online?
  11. Per Lucas Formula you do not need the Flora nova Grow. For veg use Flora nova Bloom at 5ml/1tsp per gallon of water. During flowering use 8ml Flora nova Bloom per gallon. As for supplements I do use 1/4 tsp of Floralicious Plus per gallon of water throughout grow. I also use liquid koolbloom at 1 tsp per gallon of water during week 3&4 and the start of week 5 then switch to dry koolbloom @ 1/4 tsp per gallon of water during next top-up in week 5 and continue through week 6&7 and then plain water for week 8/9. Also after the first time of using full strength nutes and/or supplements I half the amounts per gallon when topping off res. For Example using a 20 gallon res during flowering(with an indica dominant strain) you would need 160ml/32tsp or approx 1/2 cup and 3 tbsp of flora nova bloom and 1tbsp and 2tsp of floralicious plus to start with. If res needs additional water during first two weeks half the nutrients per gallon of water added (e.g. 4ml FNB and 1/8tsp FL+ per gal of water). At week 3 top up res with half strength nutes and add liquid koolbloom @ full strength (1ml per gallon) during week 3/4 and the start of week five you would top up with a half strength solution FNB,FL+ and Liq KB. Half way through week five you should need to top off again but this time you would only do so with half strength solution of FNB and FL+ (no liq KB) and then add dry KB @ full strength (1/4 teaspoon per gallon) and again during the rest of week 5,6 & 7 you would top up with half strength solution of FNB, FL+ and dry KB. At the start of week 8 you should top up with ph'd water until harvest. If you are growing a sativa dominant strain you will need to adjust time line and I would suggest the first time flowering not to use any koolbloom and take note as to when flowering starts (you actually see flowers forming) and time to harvest, as you would want to start using liq koolbloom when flowering begins and switch half way through too dry kb giving yourself 1-2 weeks at the to flush with plain water. Note also that this method does not necessarily require a ppm meter you should definitely have a ph meter and adjust the ph according to the medium used to veg the plants in.

  12. You're mistaking Floranova grow with Flora grow. The FloraNova series is one part, while the regular flora series is 3 part. I'd recommend switching to AN nutes. GH is way saltier from what I've read.
  13. 1 teaspoon is 600ppm it says.. is that too much for a first dose in soil? how soon should i give a plant a dose? 2 weeks cool?

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