Floppy Sprout>>> Plese Help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by snoochey booche, May 19, 2004.

  1. my sprout sprouted about 3 inches and is now flopping over... what am i doing wrong.. i really font want it to die how can i fix this problem or is there no hope?
  2. more info pleeze. what type of lights? watering habits? nutes? soil? details pleeze. 3 inches and flopping aint gonna cut it, sounds kinda perverted lol
  3. HI

    a simple repot might do it.................if all the leaves are high and theres 3 inches of stem showing repot so the first set of leave colldoms collythingys the first round leaves that dont look like mj leaves are at soil level.........

    but yeh as dread seid more info would be helpful.....

    laters jay
  4. i did my reasearch and i think im over watering it but i will repot thanks if u have ane other suggestions tell me.. ooh yea and rite now its just on my window still
  5. OK i fixed that prob but i still have a problem.... im like 2 weeks in as i said earlier growing on my window still... i know the pot is not to small but my plant has only 2 small leives and the calloids and does not seem to be growing... looks nice and green and healthy but there are no new leves or much groth in the current ones someone pleese tell me what im doing wrong
  6. HI

    what soil are you using?????
  7. im not to sure.. it was in my shed its ummm brown with white styrafome in it and every once and awile theres little yellow balls of fert
  8. possible lack of light.........better to go with an indoor light, or go outdoors.........if you really want to grow it on the windowsill (safety concerns?).......then it'll need a good amount of light for as long as possiblr for veg, and then it'll get big by flowering time, easily too big for a windowsill........and at night-time for flowering you'd need to make sure to let no light whatsoever in it's dark period, and that would most likely mean, not using that room AT ALL..........to try to strengthen stalks, the most common methods are, a fan and to gently bend it back and forth every so often..........or a stick support........better with the first, natural is best.........Peace out..........Sid
  9. thanks i also have one question to get more light i wanna buy a grow light just for wen ther sprouts... tel ther big enough to go outside do thay make any grow lights that plug into regular sockets... i dont have the cash to get the whole set up
  10. yes they're called highbays, and come with a built in ballast, would suit your needs, keep the plants o.k. till transplantation time........Peace out..........Sid

    try lowes or home depot, HPS is the one you want........
  11. HI

    LOL....sid i think he hasnt the money for hps...........i think he wants a flouro bulb that just goes in your normal light socket.........cant tell you which is best ........ never tried them.........


  12. yeah i've seen a fluro like that before, but how many watts you'll need depends on what size of growbox/room they'll be in till there big enough, and what size is big enough..........if you need to grow them till about 8-12" or something, and you have more than one, you'll need quite a good fluro set-up, as you're mimicing the veg stage of a plant that's grow indoors like that........ie flowered at 8-12".............Peace out...........Sid
  13. i only got one sry im madd new at this jsut a stoner that tryed plantin a seed so do u know the actual name of the lights and how much they cost?? the area im thinkin of for getting it strong is about 2.5 ft tall 2 ft wyde and 2.5 feet long

    ooh and how mane wats would i be looking for?
  14. i got this quote form another post

    would i be able to find these at the home depot and would they work and are they expensive? haha im on a budjet

    http://www.homedepot.com/prel80/HDU...KEY=Products_2/Garden Center&MID=9876&pos=n18

    would this work sry i am clueless
  15. do a search......as in places that sell lights and see what they got and how much they are try home depots site first see what they got.....
  16. sorry never used flouros cant help you there ask grower hell now....
  17. hey there i re poted it and got it under some floros and she (hopefully) is doing much beter i got my camra workin so here are some pics :)
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  19. so hows it lookin.. is it healthy pleese any advice is welcome

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