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  1. i am about to set up a 2'x4' flood tray. i will be using 3 gal air pots fill with Hydroton. this is my 1st time going full hydro and i was wondering how many times a day should i flood my clones? during the small veg stage and during flowering when they get their? i know their are allot of condition's but just a basic rule of thumb please?

    ive been told to never flood at lights off is this true?

    PH whats ideal for flood and drain with Hydroton? i was planing around 5.8-6.0

    any advise would be great

  2. I flood every 2 hours for 16mins... I use a industrial timer that has 16mins as the min...

    I don't flood in the dark to prevent mold...

    5.8 is best... try to keep it close...

  3. Twice a day with hydroton and 4 inch cubes . In a natural ebb and flow it floods twice a day due to the tide I beileve
  4. thanks i was thinking about 4 times a day, so every 3hrs in flower.

    i am going to veg with a 20/4 light time so should i flood every 5hrs for 5x a day or is that too much for baby clones?

    i will be 100% in hydroton

    Benderbob the every two hours in flower mainly or is that with young clones in veg also?
  5. Some say water by hand till it's a bit developed , I've heard of freshly planted clones being washed away

  6. From beginning to end....;) I have Never had root rot or seen a down side to this....
  7. thanks guys.

    i was thinking of running a consent drip system instead of the flood and drain but have decided yet. i can see pros and cons on both
  8. I Flood every 4 hours during the day, and once at night. I don't think flooding at night is a problem at all, if your plants healthy.

    People always say, your should find what works good for you. But it may take months to find that, if I every find it.

    So Start with every 4 hours, and you will be safe.

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