flip the pillow?

Discussion in 'General' started by ugeman420, Jun 20, 2003.


do you flip the pillow

  1. yes sir i do

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  2. no sir i don't

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  1. ok is it just me or do any of you flip over your pillows when you are sleeping? i flip it because i like the cold side of the pillow, is this nromal/ or is it just me...
  2. sometimes I flip, but there doesnt seem to be a pattern to it. I'm just trying to get comfortable in the middle of the night and sometimes I bunch the pillow up, sometimes I flip it over and sometimes I just leave it be.
  3. Ahhhh, a cold pillowcase against my cheek....I love it. Yeah, I'm a pillow-flipper! :)
  4. every time i wake up in the night.
  5. i dont, i used to but i seem to have forgotten about it, maybe i'll try doiin it again now :)
  6. i drool alot , thats I flip the pellow
  7. yea i do this alot. i seem to have trouble sleeping without weed. takes me about a hour or at lest it feels that way.
  8. without weed it takes me hours to sleep. and i'm not sure how long it would take me to naturally fall asleep anymore. The last time I didn't have weed I couldn't sleep after two and a half hours so I went and popped a melatonin pill. It took me the last two of those hours working up the energy to walk across the room.
  9. only when im trying to get to sleep. Once im out, im out for the night. And i cant get back to sleep after waking up once
  10. Mark me as a pillow flipper.... I dig the cold side...
  11. for some reason when I wake up some of the time my pillow is around my feet, or 5 feet away from my bed kinda strange, I a violent sleeper I never keep my covers on either I wish I could relax more.
  12. Ive woken up with my pillow at my feet before.
    The wierd part was the pillow was at the right end of the bed, i had flipped my self around during the night
  13. i hate a warm bed in the warm weather, i always switch my covers around and my pillows around ujntil a fall asleep
  14. Yeah..I like the cool pillow side...I usually flip it around a lot...let the other side cool down for a while
  15. Yes I do.. I do a couple other things when I'm sleeping but I can't tell!
  16. There's about a 30% chance the my pillows will be near my head when i wake up..
  17. i definitely flip my pillow, and when it gets really hot here i put my pillowcase in the freezer for 40 minutes...it's great!
  18. I once heard of a pillow that doesn't require flipping. That is, it stays cool against your face. I think it was called a Mt. Fuji pillow and was relatively expensive.

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