Flight 93 shot down by an F16

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  1. http://www.letsroll911.org/articles/flight93shotdown.html

    Now this is some heavy shit. While I definitely think the government was involved in some way, I'm not sure how much credibility this website has, but I was under the impression that it is one of the more highly reguarded 9/11 conspiricy sites. More and more shit like this is starting to come out, it gives me hope that people in this country will wake up some day and stop just accepting everything the government tells them.
  2. :hello: Great movie Toker
  3. Yeah, Loose Change is what originally got me so interested in the different 9/11 theories.
  4. All of the loose change stuff is so well thought out, I mean he has really doen his homework. Now as for it ever being released to the people that our government did it is another story. I really felt my stomach turn when i watched this a few months ago. I have alot of probs w/ our gov, but i have the biggest prob w/ them trying to bomb the shit out of people who had nothing to do with our tragedy. Not cool in my book. JOE>
  5. i really dont know if it was our gov though... i'm not sure of any of anymore. all i am sure though, is that the pentagon WAS NOT hit by a 757
  6. It makes sense.

    I'm not going to believe it any more than I do the 'offical' story.

    It does make more sense though.
  7. ah jesus not more of this crap...


  8. Thank you plz
  9. I mean no disrespect, but i feel it's naive to believe one thing for 100% sure.

    There is no reasonable explanation for what else it could be besides a plane.

    There *ARE* unanswered questions though, and it's important to keep an open mind.

    The United States government has no qualms about blantantly lying to it's citizens.
  10. It's pure physics man. Not to mention a plane full of people disapeared out of nowhere. where are they going to account for that?
  11. Oh and no disrepect to you rasta, i got much respect for ya right here ::pounds chest::

  12. So your point is it was a plane? :smoking:

    On a more serious note, although I do beleive our govt frequently lies to us, and that the bush administration does shit for its own benefit, and just tries to keep the people under control, I beleive 9/11 was planned by Osama, and that most of it wasnt a conspiracy.

  13. Do a little bit more research, there are many unanswered questions and physical evidence which strongly indicates there was no plane crash.

    I'm not here to back up conspricacy theorists, or try and convince you otherwise, i'm just trying to get you to be a ltitle more open-minded.

    I know of a couple of those conspriacy websites, let me know if it's worth my time to find them.

  14. Dont be offended by this, but do you beleive the americans landed on the moon, or that it was filmed in a hanger?
  15. I think if it was faked, the Soviets would have known and been shouting it from the rooftops the second it happened.

    There is no way the Soviets would have missed something like that with the amount of spying going on. There were plenty of more precious secrets that the soviets managed to get their hands on.

    I'm sure this will come back to bite me in the ass, but I think it was real.
  16. If a 757 crashes into a peice of reinforced concrete, it's going to punch a hole into it and the rest of it is gonna get pulled into it and burn up. the only thing that seems fishy is that it hit the one place where no one was at.

  17. Thats hella confusing, but ill take the conclusion. :smoking:

    edit: Oh whoops, nm, i didnt see the if, man this brainwave stimulation shit throws me off
  18. To be honest, the biggest thing i have a hard time believeing is that a person with absolutley NO training on a commerical jet, only in-flight training with a bi-plane managed to land a several-hundred foot jet going 500 mph into the pentagon.

    Not to mention that there was absolutley no damage to the pentagon lawn, and if you look at ANY plane crash, there is several hundred feet of strewn wreckage and distrubed land from the force of jet engines at full tilt.

    I just want to claify for other members; nothing is absolute to me. I don't believe it was some big conspricacy, i'm just saying that i find THAT fact hard to believe. I think it's healthy to question the facts.

  19. Rasta you dont need very much training just to know how to fly a jet with a yolk, anyone who'd flown a cessna for a couple weeks can manauvre a jet enough to crash it.

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