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  1. I seriously can't get over how annoying flies are. I keep a clean house, and yet, no matter what there's always at least one fly that just decides to torment me. I'll be on the computer and "BUZZ BUZZ" theres a fly landing on my face and arms and flying infront of my face. I go to play 360 and the same damn thing. Gah! I've learned to catch them... and then it's on. I usually shake them in my hand and throw them against the table so they are stunned, and then it's on. It's seriously one of the biggest annoyances to have a fucking fly land on you, take off, land on you, take off, and just piss me off. I think they are starting to wage war on me after I killed one of they're buddies.

  2. I like having flies around. I like to try and catch them when they have landed or flying around me. Its a trip but you have to be really fast. Gotten pretty good at it :p
  3. Same here!!! They piss me off. Always fucking with me when I'm smoking. Maybe they like the weed.
  4. Ahhh jesus, flies!

    I have a cat, and she takes care of most of em, she's good at catching em, then she'll eat em, good protein, so no clean-up either.

    For some reason flies plague me like a bad penis rash too.

    same thing with spiders, but my ever gracious hunter kitty takes care of them too :p I even had her take down a rat once.

    I had to step in when she tried to fight a raccoon.

    Have you tried closing your windows? they have to be getting in from somewhere.

    Incidentally, do you live near a pool of standing water? Like a pond or something? Flies AND mosquitoes love to breed in standing water.

    If you get em all the time they must be living and breeding near your house, because they have very short lifespans, as you probably know.

  5. Haha this is very true.
  6. I have a pond and a pool in my back yard.

    The thing is they are in my basement, which my doors down here, and windows, are closed all the time... They come in waves, like ... infantry and shit... I seriously think that it's an all out world war 3... Flies vs AFD. I need to gear up and start fighting back. Maybe if I smoke out the entire room they'll all just be too damn lazy to even fuck with me.

  7. flies...I think flies are aware of how annoying they are, I mean they have no purpose in life, so i think theyr'e just really pissed off and annoy everyone. I mean if u think about it no other flying insect is as anoying as a fly. just look at bees, sure once in a wile they're annoying, but they have better things to do, like make honey polinate some flowers, and chill with the ladie bees

  8. Wow, sounds like an infestation.

    There can be only one option.

  9. I like to catch them in a jar, and just let them back out side.
    I think that when they bother you, they are trying to tell you that they dont want to be there, and are asking to be let back outside.

    just my .02
  10. I thought that too until they started Dive bombing me in the eye while I'm playing Call of Duty 4 or Madden 09. It's war.


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