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  1. So I was just sitting here thinking of a question for you guys out there. Does a women's flexability matter to you when it comes to sex? Does it even make that much of a difference? Would you prefer a girl who is flexable?

    I'm just curious cause I'm pretty flexable because of being in gymnastics, dance and horse backriding since I was three. So discuss, let me know if it matters to you. :)
  2. Personally, I like the flexible ones.... I haven't had a chance with one yet... but I have ideas.... Ohh.... The ideas......
  3. Right on. I'll admit it. My boyfriend and I have definately taken advantage of my flexibility at times.

    And yes, I realized I spelt flexibility wrong. My bad.
  4. Haha... I didn't realize you spelled it wrong.

    I want a small, lightweight flexible girl... just for a little while at least.....
  5. Ya its pretty sweet. I was with one girl only like 5ft nuthin and im about 6'1" and it kinda limited us from time to time
    My last gf wasnt gymnast flexible but was pretty good. It was nice bein able to put her legs on my shoulders or just hold them back and really go at it without worryin about her telling me im pushing her too far. Definitely helps standing/shower positions too
  6. I dated a ballet dancer for like 5 years. She was extremely flexible. I definitely prefer a girl to be flexible but its not like a quality I look for. :D
  7. It would be a bonus.
  8. i don't think it really matters. i'm an assman, so i'm all about doggystyle :p
  9. Ive never been with a flexiable girl. the idea is nice tho :hello:
  10. ya it def. matters in some positions, like when shes on her back and you're pushing her legs up by her head and then past it also when ur pelvis to pelvis sitting down and one of you has to have their legs all awkward but it still feels mad good

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