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  1. ok, like i have said recently, blnkboi and i are thinking of shrooming, and we know of a person that would help, but, in a theoretical situation, where we didnt know anyone, or have the internet, what would you tell us to get started, what would be a good "rule of thumb" so to speak, and please, only people that know what the fuck they are talking about, no insult meant to those who never know what the fuck they are talking about :D
  2. so what do you wanna know?...like the basics of shrooming?...or the basics of picking shrooms?...
  3. basically, what in the hell to look for, i mean, all of this gill, cone cap shit is like reading chinese or somethin, ive looked and looked, and it just seems way to easy to fuck up. and maybe a prep tip or to as well ;)
  4. id tell you to buy a book about it.

    and as a general rule of thumb, shrooms will stain blue. note that there are some poisonous mushrooms that also stain blue, though.. be careful
  5. ok...no i was asking what you meant cuz shrooming usually means the act of taking the shrooms....so i didn't know if you meant taking or just picking (hell maybe youre the type to take them on the spot nice, fresh and slimy)..

    basically psilocybin usually shows up in moist areas, sometimes cow/horse dung, but more so in haystacks or rotting piles of hay...sometimes just in fields etc.....they usually have a tan/khaki color when fresh and turn more grey as they deteriorate..... the biggest tip i can give you is that psilocybin bruises blue...when you think you've come across some "magic" shrooms pick a few...let them dry..and if they bruise blue where you had been handling them then its a very good sign...but its hard trying to describe this over the internet..the best thing you can do is to go out with someone whos had first hand experience and learn for yourself..if you do it enough you'll be able to spot them with ease...it just takes practice..
  6. damn phil..you beat me to it
  7. so..what your telling me is..i had a million fucking caps about 30 feet away from me?!??!!?!.........................we had hay out, for our dogs to sleep on this winter, a lil while back it was deteriorating and whatnot, and shrooms were for days out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok...so...chances are..if it bruises blue, and is in a field, then i will see the breathing walls and flying carpets?
  8. yes...or you'll just get very sick and die..BUT ITS WORTH THE RISK BRAH!
  9. If you thinking of shrooming make sure you check out www.shroomery.com its a great resource.
  10. what we have down here are called "liberty caps" i believe, know anything about them?
  11. muchly appreciated, hows the mouth, btw
  12. shitty...it was just startin to heal then I had to go back in and they started pulling the chain down....so I was sitting there while they were tightening this chain which was pulling my two teeth out of the roof of my mouth..its a very odd sensation to feel...but its cool..i have my vicodin handy
  13. sounds...morbid.....also...any poisonous ones that could be confused with the liberty caps...and..how would you suggest ingesting them?...or better yet, how to make the kool aid?
  14. well..at first any of those small to medium sized shrooms can look the same...but if you're with someoe who could be of any help you shopuld be ok
  15. the answer is yes, there are many other species of mushrom which look like them..but out of hose only liberty caps will bruise blue i believe...
  16. ok...now how about the kool aid....im gonna go lookin tomorrow, and maybe find some batteries for my digi cam and post some pics and maybe you can tell me if good or bad ?
  17. Picking your own shrooms is always dangerous, but if you are willing to take the risk then I suggest you learn as much as you can from reputable sources like shroomery.org . You can also purchase books that are an excellent field guide for fungi.

    And I'd suggest only eating a small amount at first to test the potency and/or poisonicity of them. And that is definitely not a word.
  18. errmmm...maybe toxicity would be the one you were searching for?

  19. i like poisonicity better

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