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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theduckbeast, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Hay GC,

    I've done the citrus peel and all the so called "known" ways to flavour your herbage and i was rather curious of how far you could actualy go with this?

    Anyone who has done the wackiest flavour leave a msg

    I want to keep leaning towards other flavours other then fruit....

    Your input would be apreciated

    The Duck.
  2. if u do it too long u can develop mold on the herb.. thats why i dont mess with it..
  3. I ment how far can u go with flavouring, different things ect

    The herbage here is never ending so i can mess with it with no worry.....

    The Duck.
  4. i guess the posibilities are endless.. i cant say though ive never tryed.. shit u could try every fruit there is.. have some banana weed and some apple weed.. that shit would be funny
  5. :eek: Where are you?
  6. haha it would, and I'm not sure if it would work but hyperthetically what if you started growing and from day one you diluted a little bit of food dy in the water and do that through out the entire growing process, do you think you would end up with coloured buds? because the way i see it is that the plant will have to suck up atleast some of it?

    The DUck.
  7. australia
  8. haha a little country/island/continent called Australia lol
  9. u can dye the bud after its already grown.. i know people who have added some purple dye to bud and sold it as purp
  10. How do ya do that?

    Do you know of anything else you can add whilst growing?
  11. bump123gay<3

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