flavoring buds?

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  1. i heard that you could dillute orange concentrate or vanilla extract and water your plant with it like 2 days before harvesting and it would give it some slight flavor.. is there any truth to this?
  2. If you want it to taste a bit citrus put some orange or lemon peel in with the buds as they cure.
  3. My dealer told my he flushes his plants at end of flowering with sugared water . Gives very sweet yummy taste :)
  4. I've heard of both methods:
    1. putting orange or lemon peels in jars while buds cure. (be careful that no mold arises because peels can sweat and cause miosture in the jars)

    2. Giving the plant sugared water or vanilla extract a few times before harvest. (i've also heard that sugar particles are to big for plant roots to absorb, but I've never done it)

    I haven't done either, but I want to give it a try sometime soon.. I would go for the peels in the jars before giving my baby sugar to drink..
  5. i think i'll try both
  6. are there any other methods of flavoring. i like blue berries!
  7. Make Simple Syrup...

    I can't remember how it's done exactly - but the basic concept is melting sugar in water.

    Edit: I still don't think that adding any flavored shit to the flushing water would give it any flavor.
  8. http://www.highbred.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=730

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